Monday, June 09, 2008

A surefire way to piss me off

Lucky readers, you get a twofer today. I'm sure you can guess by the title that something is amiss here in paradise. My wife called this morning with an odd question about the FM transmitter for the Ipod. Did I take it or had I seen it? Hmm, considering she's the only one with an Ipod and I hadn't used it since the Almanzo race, I was pretty sure I didn't have it. Ah well, I figured it would turn up sooner or later. Then there was the passing comment at the end of the conversation about some of the papers from her glovebox being askew. Odd, for sure.

Next, comes the part that pisses me off. Another call an hour or two later. Did you take the radar detector today? Now I was pissed. Obviously some douchebag had decided to pilfer our stuff. Considering there weren't any signs of forced entry to her car, I'm pretty sure one of us (probably me) left it unlocked after we came home last night. A quick check of the handle and they were off with several hundred bucks worth of stuff. Easy electronics and a scan of the glovebox and they were gone like a fart in the wind. Assholes!

We've been having some issues lately with what I'm sure amounts to a bunch of pissant kids roaming the neighborhood drinking and being miscreants in the middle of the night. Nothing too bad and unforgivable thus far. Some random beer cans and liquor bottles in the yard, our daughter's plastic playhouse disassembled in the drive, a suddenly hard to get my key into lock to the garage, and some neighbors with damaged mail boxes. OK so the mailboxes may have been a bit for and trying to jimmy open my garage isn't cool, but the other stuff is typical kids bullshit that I may or may not have been a part of during my own age of misguided intent. Now stealing stuff from me is cause for measures to be taken. The police will be called and a report filed. I doubt I'll turn in the loss to my insurance so we're just out the money. I'm going to put my new deadbolt on the garage tonight and soon enough there will be fencing around the rest of the yard.

I hate having to do this. I live in a pretty decent neighborhood. I have no doubt that it's a bunch of high school kids that aren't old enough to drive, but have managed to score themselves an alcohol supplier so they have to roam the neighborhood and wreak havoc. Stealing is such a petty thing too. Now I've got to hurry my butt up and do a bunch of stuff just to make sure they don't strike again. My wife, bless her heart, seems to think we'll see it hanging from the mirror in one of the passing kid's cars that are currently roving the neighborhood with school being out for summer. While I don't doubt that they're this stupid, these kids are stealing to get cash for stuff. It's sitting in a pawn shop somewhere as we speak. Should I catch someone with it in their car, I can't wait to call the cops.

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