Friday, June 27, 2008

Bak pain sucks

So on top of working like a dog this week keeping me off my bike, life has conspired to give me a double shot of ass kicking. I bent over to pick up my bag of bike clothes off the floor yesterday morning and was greeted by a lovely spike of pain in the small of my back. Hopeful that it was just going to be a slight pull that would work it's way out during the day, I went ahead and loaded my bike and gear in hopes of racing last night.

Alas, it poured all day and the race was cancelled. Of course I don't know that I could have ridden even if I wanted to. I took it pretty easy last night, had it massaged, and even soaked in the hot tub for a bit. Ya, it still hurts this morning. The pain was shooting down my right leg for a while yesterday as well. At least this morning I took a couple Aleve and I can function. I really hope I can get this thing under control today as I want/need to go help the guys from CITA on their trail work day at the center trails. I haven't made it out all year and feel really bad about it. I've thoroughly enjoyed the trails and want to payback. If nothing else, I'll at least bring down some tools and a spare wheel barrow in case they need it.

I'm hoping I can hop on my bike for a couple hours before the work day in the morning as well. We'll see.

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