Monday, June 23, 2008

A little riding a little fishing

After staying up too late Ssaturday night hanging out with friends, Sunday I woke up a little stiff. No, not that kind of stiff you pervs! Even after hitting the hot tub Saturday night, my legs still felt pretty worked from Saturday's race. I'd cramped my left calf with about 3 laps to go and it's still pretty tender. The plan for Sunday was to get up in time to hang with the devil (aka Kim West) and everyone else on heckler's hill for the triathlon. As such we didn't leave the house until almost 8 and had 15 miles to go. I led us right into the mouth of the triathlon crowds and though we wound our way through the grass and throngs of people, we barely made it to the hill in time to watch the last few minutes of heckling. Ah well, we had gotten some milage in and were working on loosening up the legs.

Keith was moving along well while I struggled with the combination of no power and riding the cross bike as my weapon of choice. We still moved along pretty well though I was feeling worked by the time we got done. After checking out the expo at the triathlon and watching a few people cross the line we headed home. We took a slightly altered route back and made some good time and didn't fight the crowds nearly as much.

Sunday afternoon was just Corley and I as Miranda was working. Such a beautiful day couldn't be entirely wasted so after naps for both daddy and daughter, we headed to the farm. We took Corley out for her first chance to go fishing. Grandpa has been waiting with baited breath to have this opportunity.
Watch the bobber

Reel in the fish

Let's just watch Grandpa do all the work

Corley had fun, but wasn't all about catching the fish. She'd rather watch Grandpa do all the work and then have a chance to touch the fish before it went in the bucket. At least she wasn't too girly girl and touched both the fish and the worms. A late run had us busting butt to get home and to bed, but all in all it made for a nice end to the weekend.

I should've ridden in to work today, but I figured I could use a sort of rest day. We'll be heading out with the tandem tonight so that will still get me some miles in.

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