Thursday, June 19, 2008

Of besting co-workers and bragging rights

No real riding from yesterday other than a commute in and back home early so I could get a haircut and clean up before heading back in to work yet again. I did manage to get my total commute closer to the magical 1 hour mark. I think once the construction north of my place that requires either slowing down or completely rerouting if workers are present is finished up, I'll be breaking that 1 hour mark. I can't wait!

Back to the thought at hand. Last night we had an open house at our work. We were celebrating a milestone for the company and put on a huge shindig. Most of the office staff felt the obligation to show up and make sure we properly mingled and shmoozed the few clients that showed up. I was a bit disappointed to see that our largest contingent of people there were employees or vendors. The clients just didn't show up for whatever reason.

In any case, part of the festivities included some various games in which you could participate to collect prizes. There were a couple guess the quantity of X in a jar games, a bean bag toss, nail driving, and shuffleboard. Now I'm a competitive guy. If you haven't figured that out yet, you probably haven't talked to me for more than a minute or two or are just reading about all the sex I talk about here and completely ignore my cycling posts... I digress, I was pretty bored for the most part so I spent my time hanging around the games and playing them while nobody else was waiting in line.

As I was in the process of besting my own scores, I managed to score highest in one game, second in another, and then had second in one of the guessing games. My question is do I concede the two events that I kept playing until I got higher and higher scores or accept the prizes? Nothing was said about only playing once and everyone else had the same opportunity. Normally, I wouldn't care much either way, but there was what I felt like a bit of a backlash from one person I that I bested his score on in one of the events. I couldn't quite tell if he was joking or serious, but I'm guessing he was saying it jokingly even though he was serious. So what would you do, take the prizes and run or maybe concede to the other person that scored in a single try?

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Iowagriz said...

For me it would depend on the number of "practice" sessions. 1-4 keep the prize. Over 10, give it up.

Good to see you enjoying the commuting so much. I sure miss it.