Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back to work

Well, I sit here back in at work on a Sunday. Just gotta love it I tell ya. At least yesterday I got to play and enjoy life for a bit. CITA put out the call for volunteers to do a work day at the center trails. Being that I missed all the previous days this year due to one reason or the other, I was determined to be there for this one. My back was still giving me some fits so I cancelled out on going for a ride before hand, but still made it down to the parking lot about 10 minutes late. Holy crap, there were a ton of kids down there and a pretty good number of other CITA volunteers. Some counts say more than 60 people in all.

Hard cores

Pics stolen from Justin
With my back acting up, I knew I'd be in no shape to swing an axe, rake, or do any other repetive type motion so I dug into bridge building. We managed to put together 5 bridges including setting 3 of them by the time we called it quits around 2. The volunteers had made some new track and cleared many other areas. I brought my bike in wishful hope that I might be able to ride. After the day was done, I still wanted to ride, but my body said it was time for beer and food so I listened. After stopping by Rassys to drop some of the materials off and returning the borrowed trailer, Sammy, Squirrel and I hit up El Ray for some killer burritos.

I made it home about 4 and was watching the weather try to decide if it was going to rain or not. I really wanted to get down to the arts festival to enjoy some well deserved family time. About 5 we made the call to take whatever the weather was going to dish out and head down. As luck would have it, it was the right call. The weather definitely had the crowds down just a bit making the vent even better with no massive lines for the kids stuff and enough space that you weren't always running into people.

Corley got to dance:

We did some spin art:

A good way to kill off a Saturday. I'm here for a couple more hours and then it's daddy and Corley time for just a bit. I am actually going to be on the radio with Kim West this afternoon to discuss kid's and child safety on bikes. Stemming from this incident a couple weeks back, I thought it might be a good topic to hash out on the show. Apparently Kim agreed and decided to invite me in to discuss. I'm a bit nervous, but it should be fun too. Then back to pick up Corley from Grandma for a couple hours until bedtime. Rinse and repeat for tomorrow.

FYI- I still haven't gotten on my damn bike yet so it's officially been a week now. I'm hoping this week brings some relief and I can ride in at least a couple times.

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