Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

Actually the name of this point is I want to ride my fucking bicycle, but I figured I'd save the swearing for the main body of the post instead. I worked from 6-7 yesterday and then lucky me, I took a pile of work home as well so I could work until 10.

Of course that limits my ability to ride in since there ain't no way I lugging 20+ lbs of blueprints and shop drawings on my back. Actually, I might have considered it had I had a bag big enough to fit both the drawings and my necessities for riding in such as clothing and food. In any case, I didn't get to ride last night, it's not looking good for tonight, and tomorrow is most likely shot in the ass as well. I'm definitely not a happy camper.

About the only shiny spot is that I'm planning to ride the Race like a girl crit on Thursday come hell or high water. Guess I probably shouldn't say anything about high water too loudly considering the proximity of the park to the recent birdland area flooding...

Hope you all have a great day. Maybe I'll be back on later for some ranting or something.

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