Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rain and pain

Wow, from driving home in sideways rain last night to seeing several cars in flooded out streets over lunch, it's been a while since I can remember seeing it rain that hard. Hopefully most of you are staying dry. I brought my bike in to work today (on the rack) since I had way too much work with me to possibly ride. So my bike got the chance for repeated washings as the storms moved through. At least it will wash off some of the leftover road grime from Saturday's race. I should probably think about tearing it down and lubing things again though. I'm not sure if Race like a girl will still happen tonight or not.

I'm actually hoping it gets cancelled out for personal reasons. You see, I woke up this morning and felt pretty good. Considering the hours I've put in this week topped off by 6 hours of driving yetserday, I was actually pretty chipper. That was until I bent over to pick something up. I have no idea what in the hell happened, but now I'm stuck with a pain in the small of by back that radiates down my right leg. I'm sure I've pinched some nerve in there, but damn, I didn't even do anything or lift anything over 10 lbs. So, I'm back to hoping RLAG is cancelled so I don't have to struggle with my inner demons telling me to pop a couple tylenol and go for it. Considering I haven't been able to get on a bike since Sunday morning, those demons are screaming pretty loudly.

The flip side is that if I hold off on riding, I might be in better shape to try and help CITA do some work at the center trails on Saturday. I'm hoping I get to do both, but we'll see at this point. I just wish I knew what caused the change in my back. In the mean time, don't forget about the arts festival this weekend in the western gateway park. It should be a great time and it sounds like the weekend weather is going to be killer.

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