Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Commuting kicks ass

I'm beginning to see the appeal. No really, it's an amazing thing to behold. The few times I've commuted previously, I always enjoyed the energized feeling that I had when I got to work, but the ride itself didn't do much for me. I can't believe that a different bike would change all that and make the ride become as much a part of the enjoyment as anything else, but it seems to be the case for me. I even rode in again today. Of course, I have to head out early to grab a haircut and then come back for an open house we're having from 4-8. I'll be driving back in :(

I'm digging the cross back immensely if you can't tell. I couldn't wait to bolt out of here last night and hit the road. You'd think after another long ass day at work, I'd be strung out, but I actually felt awesome on the ride home. I had to detour the sinkhole on SE 6th as there were construction crews present.

What better way to put the bike through it's paces by hopping up on the levee and jumping down through the church parking lot. Sweet! The bike definitely inspires some confidence. I busted ass pretty much all the way home without shifting from the big ring and made a new record time for my commute with 30 minutes and a few odd seconds on the clock. That's faster than my road bike!

At home it was no rest for the wicked as I'd planned a tandem ride with Miranda along with our friends Pat and Gabrielle and the cow tandem. After wolfing down some pizza we were off for a tour de downtown. Miranda got her first taste of clipless pedals on the ride... Let's just say while she didn't fall over (which would be bad on the tandem) clipping her feet in was an exercise in patience. Of course I forget I've been using clipless for however long and it pretty quickly becomes second nature. We rolled through downtown and even off roaded over the temporary levee they built on Waterstreet by Principal Park. A quick stop for refreshments at Zanzibars and away home we headed with a shade over 14 miles on the tandem. What a great day for riding. I hope you all got out as well.

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