Friday, July 18, 2008

Tacos and beer

Some may say titties and beer are the best things on earth and while I may not necessarily disagree, I submit humbly that tacos and beer when enjoyed in the company of buddies is a pretty damn good alternative. Enjoy a little Frank Zappa on your Friday.

I got out for my only ride in a week on Wednesday night. A perfect excuse to bail on work early once this week found me rolling out around 3:30 in the afternoon. After a little tweaking at the chiropractor I headed home to load up the truck and bike for the taco ride at Rassy's. An interesting roll out led to a pretty heated exchange between Hanser and a pissed off idiot motorist. While the rest of us cut through some parking lots to head over to the levee, Hanser played the good guy and road perfectly legally through the streets. Sadly enough, he damn near got ran over by some idiot.

We rolled down the levee trail to the dirty connector.

Once on the dirty connector, it was pretty easy to see all the damage that the water had caused. Amazing how the holes can be dug by seemingly gentle water. Sections of the connector are pretty rough right now, but it is at least rideable. We headed over to Hillside for some laps. I rolled one lap and headed back for part of another since everyone else was still up there when I rolled in the parking lot. I need someone to lead me through there sometime to figure out the supposed flow since all the trails criss cross around and I typically take a wrong turn or two.

After hillside it was time for a lap of roller coaster. I was a bit nervous since there were supposedly even more roots and washes exposed now. There were plenty before, but luckily I really didn't notice the new stuff to be any more technical. A group of us rolled through, but had to stop for a man down.

The guy on the far left was riding the trails for the first time and got thrown off line going across one of the bridges on roller coaster. He looked pretty good for going headlong into a 6 foot deep ditch... Only a few scrapes and cuts, but he finished the ride out with us. Good going man! We met the group back down at the parking lot where everyone was pretty much ready to head down for grub. Sammy and I took off for one more lap of roller coaster and I had my fall for the day. There's one log to cross up top and I thought I had it until I stuck my damn chain ring into the side of it. I didn't think it was quite that tall. No big deal, but I tweaked my should when I put both hands down to break my fall.

It was Old Style time now. We headed for the bar. I'm not sure what's up with the look in this pic, but I think I was flirting with Squirrel's camera... Damn, that was only after 1 beer.

Tacos were good as always, but I paid for it after searing the top of my mouth on the first bite. Damn, burned the shit out of the roof of my mouth to the point I had skin peeling off by the time we left the bar. A couple more days and I'll be good to go. Here's to hoping I'll make it out to do something on the bike this weekend. Work still sucks so I'll be there at least part of the weekend. Saturday night the little one is staying with grandma so we're hitting The Dark Night in IMAX. I'm pretty stoked about that! Enjoy the weekend.

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