Friday, July 11, 2008

Doubling up

Disclaimer: if you don't want to read about my sex life stop here.

OK, that's out of the way so on to the good stuff. I never thought I'd be tired of or too tired to really enjoy sex. It's an amazing thing when your body basically just says fuck it and you're only going through the motions to get done in a timely fashion so you can get back to sleep.

We've been trying something new lately. The idea was spawned over a topic that made it's way onto one of the morning news shows, Today, Good Morning America, or something. In any case, it was about a couple that made up their mind to go something like 100 days in a row with being intimate with each other. The topic popped up on one of the forums we're on and they were discussing the merits. Much to my aplomb and whole hearted agreement, my beautiful wife suggested that maybe we try to make sure we have some intimacy every day as a trial run. Damn, you could've scraped my jaw off the floor. How often do you get a gorgeous gal to tell you she wants to F you every day for a 2 week period just to see what it's like?!

Damn, it's tough work. Life most definitely will conspire to kick your ass when you think you're going to pull one over on it. Of course you've all read my bitching about work sucking lately and so on and so forth. Well, couple that up with the mandatory early morning rising, wanting to ride my bike, the need to have some family time, and it's tough finding time for nooky. Let alone finding time for it on a daily basis. So, ya, we've skipped a couple days in there, but last night was the first actual attempt that fizzled out. The idea sounded great, but the action definitely wasn't the hot, sweaty, bang my head against the wall shit that fuels you up for the next time. Hell, it wasn't even the let me look soulfully into your eyes and feel our bodies intertwine sex. Nope, this was the ok lets put tab A into slot B, push it in, pull it out, rinse and repeat. Yup, we pulled the plug on that shit once we both fully accepted it wasn't going to get any better. Surprisingly enough, I really didn't care that we stopped in the middle.

Overall though, with the exception of making my sleeping hours even shorter, it's been a damn fun ride. I'm hoping we make the effort to keep it up even after our 2 weeks are up. We've had some fun and I think we're shooting to put some variation into our routine as well which would be a huge shot in the arm in my humble opinion.

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