Saturday, July 26, 2008

Plop Plop fizz fizz

Man what a week. The bad news is things will probably increase in intensity for at least another month before the bottom starts to drop out. I sit here at work on a Saturday knowing full well I'll not be able to complete as much as I need to today, so I'll be in tomorrow as well. I'd much rather not be here, but such is life.

Tuesday was a trip to the casino project. A 6 hour round trip and 9 hours of work makes for a long day out. I got some good things done and avoided being on site during the owner's review happening the following day. Of course I still didn't totally avoid it as I was called a number of times on Wednesday and Thursday to review questions or comments from the owner on our work. At least now things are a bit lined out and I can hopefully make some headway in lieu of feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. During my road trip, as often is the case, nature called. A combination of my typical morning routine being altered and a coffee from QT had the peristaltic action working it's mojo on my lower half. I veered off to the last rest stop before my turn off the main interstate to lighten the load so to speak. Now I have no real issues with using public facilities. I know there are a number of people out there that would rather die than have to use a truck stop or random public toilet to do their business, but I'm not one of those. As long as I can wipe the seat off first, I'm good to go. However, I may be changing that decision soon enough.

After popping into the restroom, I discovered the handicap stall to still be open as the other stall was in use. I had just sat down and for some reason was pondering how people can possibly even think about sexual rendezvous in such a place when I heard something. My brain refused to register it the first time or two, but slowly, the noise sank in. The stall next to me was grunting and groaning ever so slightly. OK, well, maybe he was working hard. Wait just a damn minute, now those grunts started having the sexual edge to them. OK, just what in the bloody hell is happening in the stall next to me. Am I about to be propositioned ala the foot tapping incident of Larry Craig or is the guy next door simply enjoying himself too damn much?! The noises now began increasing in volume with a few bits of dialogue including an "oh god" in there and finally hit crescendo with what I can only describe as the noise you hear on the alka selzer commercial. After the kids had been dropped off at the pool, I shit you not, the next words I hear were, "oh, that was good." Check please! I'm flailing about getting out of there as quick as I can and luckily make it before the next stall opened up.

OK, that's a chapter I can now check off in my life. Hope you enjoyed it too. Fucking weird! Wednesday was an early day just to ensure I could get a bike ride in. I headed down for the Ritual Ride. It was definitely a light showing with a vast number of people hitting Ragbrai this week. I think we had about 8-10 people total which is vastly short of the usual 25-50. We rolled out and kept the pace pretty chill until we passed 63rd and it was time to go. I tried rolling off the front, but was still flanked pretty well until I made a crossing that the other riders were just far enough behind on that they waited for the traffic to clear. Eventually, Nathan caught up to me being the racer that he is and did it on his fixie to boot. We rolled together for a couple miles until we hit that last big hill on the loop and he dropped back to find his girlfriend. I kept on the gas and ran another loop to see how hard I could push. I did ok, but not great which is pretty consistent with my lack of training. I headed home and broke out the mower to start attacking the jungle that has become my yard. 2+ weeks of not mowing tends to do that to a yard, ya know?

Thursday night we headed out to look at some commercial property that Miranda has been looking at. A couple guys representing the realty agency met us to show the properties. Nothing very special, but it was good for us to see what the market and cost is like so we can put those numbers into our business plan. Did I mention that we're seriously thinking of opening a local shop? We're starting to get some product out with a few local businesses and have had a good response thus far so we're thinking seriously of putting together an actual storefront. Just another stress at this point, but Miranda is doing a good job of taking the lead and bulldogging things. After the spaces, it was time for dinner. We headed to A-Dong's for some good cuisine and I tried a Vietnamese import beer.

Very light without a ton of flavor, but as it warmed up, it actually had some hints of wine taste to it. Very interesting. In an ice cold state, you could probably slam a 6'er of these and barely notice it until the alcohol set in.

I finally took the scooter out for a longer ride last night just to clear my head. I toured through Water Works park until I came back to the couple sections that were still closed. After that I putted through some neighborhoods that I'd never been in in the adjacent streets to the park. Mostly commercial/industrial, but a few housing areas sprinkled in. We took the night really easy and ended with a quick soak in the hot tub. Not a bad way to start a weekend, but then again, this isn't the weekend I want either.

There you go, all caught up on the lack of excitement in my life. Enjoy.

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