Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My scooter hauls

Literally and figuratively now that I have my new saddlebags on. My cycle shop ordered a set of bags from Prima for me and last I'd heard it was a 4-6 week back order. I was a bit disappointed, but that was soon shelved when I got a call back less than a week later saying the bags had come in. I scooted over there Friday on lunch to pick them up. Pretty sweet bags overall.

It didn't take me long to get tired of lugging drawings and misc work back and forth in a back pack. Granted, I never hauled half as much as what I did this morning, but it still wasn't my favorite thing to do. Since I'd driven the truck the past 3 days for various reasons, I was determined to ride in this morning. The only problem was I had a jobsite visit yesterday so I had a plethora of drawings with me. I guess it's time to see how much stuff these bags can handle.

Left side looks a bit full:

Right side does too:

Just how much did I have in there?:

All told it's about 40 pounds of drawings including a bunch of 11x17 paper and a couple half scale blueprints. Surprisingly, I didn't notice any ill effects on the handling or oomph, but did notice it actually rode a bitter more smoothly over the bumps with the added weight. The bags were a bit tricky to mount as there were no instructions and a pretty generalized picture on the box to go by. I'll probably play around a bit more with the mounting overall, but I'm pretty happy with them. The bags came with shoulder straps, rain covers, and some extra mounting bungees and straps. Retail list was $139.99, but I got a discount from the shop since I'd just bought my scooter. I picked up the helmet in the picture as well. I still like the open face better, but this will be nice in the wet or cold since I'm not planning to add a windshield.

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