Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sweat Fest

It was a good day to sweat. I hit the taco ride again last night in hopes that I might shock my legs into at least being a little more understanding of the suffering I plan to put them through on Sunday in Boone. Everyone keeps talking of the horrors of all the climbing at Boone. Having never ridden there (yet), I'm pretty stoked to see all the suffering. Supposedly the beginner course is in some of the flatter sections so it won't be so bad.

I did pick up a nice compliment last night as 4 of us hearty souls enjoyed our tacos and Old Style. Something was mentioned about Boone not being for beginners or some such along those lines and I mentioned that I just started mountain biking last fall. The reply was the equivalent of you've got some natural talent then. Considering we'd just spent most of an hour touring hillside up and down several times, I felt pretty good about the comment. Of course my heart rate said a little differently considering I don't think I saw under 180 BPM while running around the loops. Chasing Andy was a lot of fun as well even though he just showed us his ass while cruising along on his single speed.

Flooding was striking again with all the rain we received earlier this week. The creek had backed up flooding out the connector trail so we had to ride the tracks. Before we even got there we ran through some pretty deep water and splashed through the mud. It definitely reminded me that I need to check out a different set of treads on my bike. The Michelin dry series that came on it are decent enough when it's dry, but I have to lower the pressure to about 20 pounds just to feel like I've got any traction. At that pressue they're squirrely in the corners and I keep thinking they're flat when I have to put any power down.

Hopefully I see a few of you in Boone on Sunday. Look for the fat boy in the Rassy's kit riding the beginner loop!


Brian said...

Ah, "fat boy"? Ummm, no. I can't allow you to use that one. I'm sorry, sometimes you've just gotta draw the line, this is one of those times.

Good luck at Boone. Thanks for the peddles.

Buckshot77 said...

OK, OK, so maybe I don't qualify to run in the clydesdale class, but I still feel like I've got some extra poundage that I could stand to shave off. It's tough to suck it in while you're riding hard...