Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rattler ride in

I rode the Rattler in both Sunday and today. It was a bit wet out still at 6 in the morning, but no real problem getting in. I was definitely a bit more cautious on the wet pavement, but never had any issues. I think it's mostly in my head as I do the same thing when I'm on my bike. I even managed to work in my first errand on the Rattler on Sunday. As tacos seemed to be the order of the day for lunch, I called it quits at work around noon and headed towards home. A jog through downtown and across to 9th street took me by Taco Johns for a 6 pack and a pound. The bag neatly tucked in the under seat storage area and stayed pretty toasty for the 10 minute ride home.

Traffic was just slightly heavier this morning and moving along at 5-10 over the speed limit as is usual. I put the speedo at 5 over and try to hold it there. For the most part only a few cars passed me and I had no problems keeping up or even passing a few as well. I definitely would be a bit worried taking the scooter out on any major highway transits right now as it seems 55 is probably pushing the limits for top end while it's still breaking in. I haven't had it over 50 yet, but at 50 it's starting to wind out. I'm still waiting on the call back for a pair of saddlebags I want to increase the utility value. Right now a large backpack is sufficing, but lugging home a set of drawings Sunday wasn't much fun.

The final jury is still out, but I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying this scooting deal for a while to come.

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