Monday, January 05, 2009

I've been neutered (the other ball dropped)

Or at the very least I've lost my balls for the time being. I've had a sneaking suspicion this was going to happen for a while. My fast living and hard drinking were bound to catch up with. I'd been one-balling it for quite some time, but little did I know that I'd end up completely ball-less yesterday. Yup, you guessed it, the second ball on my beloved nipple ring finally fell off and I'm assuming rolled down the drain. Drat, now I've got to go pick up a new one.

For those of you with body jewelry, I'm sure you understand my pain. It's not just a simple choice. You've got to head to a number of different stores, check out all the latest and greatest items, see how many different colors are available, and then agonize over how you want to accessorize your body. So, it's off to the mall and time to start checking over selections lest the entire bar drop out and then I'm really hosed.

One good thing is that with the popularity of body piercing (I had mine before it was cool dammit) I can go to no less than 5 or 10 different places in most shopping malls and have a pretty decent selection to browse through. Any of you have some input on what types of jewelry you like?


Keith and Angy said...

I'm in the same boat (Angy that is) need to get some new pieces since certain body parts have expanded recently and no longer work with my current jewelry. Good luck finding some!

Buckshot77 said...

I think Miranda still has info on the belly ring she wore if you want it. I think we're headed to the mall this weekend to check out some new stuff.