Monday, January 19, 2009


After enduring almost a week of super crappy temps and conditions, I think everyone must have been a bit stir crazy this weekend. There were no shortages of choice rides or activities to engage in.

Friday night I ended up staying at work until damn near 9 which sucked, but at least there was beer. Wow, amazing that Bud heavy will hit as hard as it does when you've been laying back just a little. I got home as the lingerie party was winding down and the ladies were all finished up. From all accounts it was a nice start to things and we'll see how the next real party goes since this was mostly a tester to get things straightened out. There's still time to get in on the next party for those interested, plus we're having a sale on a number of items including Valentine's stuff. Shoot us an email if you're interested in coming or just want to check out the specials we've got going on. Most of our stuff is in stock so you can take it home or get it in just a day or two.

Saturday morning there was a group headed out to test the snowmobile trails at Big Creek. This seemed like a pretty good time from the other reports I'd seen so I headed out to meet up with the group at 9. Wait, scratch that, 10 AM was the new start time, but neither Sumpter or I had gotten the message. Ahh well, we pedalled off to find our own way around and got in close to an hour before the other guys started showing up. The first trail we hit started out as some steep ups and downs and I voted to bag it and head the other way thinking this couldn't possibly be right after climbing about the 3rd hill in a row. We headed to the east side of the lake and found some rideable trail over there. However, it wasn't long until we turned back west in an open section and were hit with major wind gusts and an open stretch that was drifted in. Scott was on a borrowed Pugsley and could only ride a portion, my skinny tires meant I was working on the hike a bike skill portion of snow biking. We pushed on for about a half mile or maybe more before I said screw it and headed back to meet the others at the truck. Scott turned back with me and was still riding much more than walking.

A few more showed up at 10, but the balance were running even later so the first group hit the trails, back into the hills. The downhills were a white knuckle blast, but walking up still sucked. They soon flattened out and I rode about 95% from here on out. I don't think the other guys fared as well since the discussion about bagging the trails got brought up pretty quickly. Fuller, Sumpter and I forged ahead of the main pack and made our way out onto the lake thinking we might ride across (my dumbass idea).

I smile because I have no clue...
Fuller and Sumpter wondering WTF am I thinking
I finally called it and decided it was time to turn back since I would have close to 2 hours by the time I got back and I had places to be. The tailwind once I turned south was pretty sweet, but even the upped pace still netted me an average of 6.2 mph for the ride! Talk about resistance work.
Tailwind riding on the way back was much more fun!
Sunday I had the idea to try out snowshoeing for the first time. Pete was gracious enough to let me borrow his spare pair. A couple other guys thought we might be onto something so 4 of us plus one happy little boy (Tank) took off for 45 minutes through Denman's. Talk about having a good time romping through the woods with 4 other guys and blazing your own trail. Man, I was having a blast. All too soon we headed back to the cars as some had church and others thought better of keeping little one's out much longer (definitely a good bet).

Denmans with Pete, Squirrel, and Marco w/Tank

Hmm, this is some fun shit!
Squirrel and I weren't ready to throw in the towel yet so we dropped Bianchi off at his place, reloaded on some water and headed off towards Brown's woods. I hadn't been through Brown's before so I was pretty stoked. We hiked a few hills and were thoroughly off the beaten path as we made our way to the river. We tromped around a bit and then headed back to the truck with another 45 minutes or so under our belts. What a killer way to get your morning workout.
Hiked back to the Raccoon River through Brown's Woods.

My legs aren't feeling too bad today. My calves are definitely the sorest, but nothing bad. I'm also feeling my hip flexors as well, but then again I topped things off with an hour on the trainer last night and hit the gym this morning too. I can definitely see some appeal for snowshoeing as a great alternate winter activity. You could definitely go shoeing in conditions that wouldn't be fit for biking (by most accounts). I'm all ready tossing the idea around of looking for a possible pair to pick up. I guess I need to unload some of my extra gear first to free up a little cash for that though. Anyone need a race car seat?

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