Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stiff as a board, light as a tank

Isn't that the name of the old game we played as kids? If not, it's close enough for me. That's pretty much how I felt during my first yoga class in years and years last night. I have roughly the flexibility of a geriatric patient that's been strapped to a back board. We did some poses and moves last night that roughly resembled me trying to stick my head up my own ass. I had about the same success level in either case.

On the plus side, I drug Miranda along with me and we're designating Tuesday as our gym night together and planning on keeping up with the yoga as well. It's actually offered 2 nights a week, but for the time being, we've all ready got plans for the other night with Corley starting in on tumbling class. Actually, I rather enjoyed the stretching and most of the moves. Due to my bad knees and lack of range of motion, there were definitely some painful spots, but nothing too bad. I got about the same feeling when done as a deep tissue massage- slightly beat up, but all worked out. Now we just have to see how it helps out with my core and flexibility.

Score one for me on making good on my self promise to work harder on staying in shape this winter. I've been on the bike twice this week and in the gym three times all ready. I'm actually a bit sad I won't make it out on the bike tonight for my standing Wednesday night ride. I do plan to hit the Nth degree ride that DMCC is putting on for New Years Day. See Lou's post for more details on the when and where.

Saturday I'm planning on doing the first of three bike fits (redo the road bike, MTB, and cross bike) with Adam at Rassy's. The plan (in my head) is to do something of a two pronged approach to the fitting. Adam seems pretty eager to get more information and more experience and I'm looking for some baselines in various areas. My thought is to go do a heart rate and wattage test using their computrainer before the fitting. Then we'll proceed with the fitting since I won't need any real power to do my pedalling there, it's mostly a form issue. Then, when we get to the next fitting, I'll bring my road bike in again and redo the power test. Hopefully we'll be able to analyze and see some true gains from the fitting. Since I'm scheduling the fits only a week apart, I don't think my training will really affect the overall numbers as long as I take a rest day before the fit/test.

Overall, I'm pretty excited in regards to some personal life plans I've got for this year. Work still isn't making me all tingly, but then again, that's why it's called work. I wish all of you (still reading at this point) a Happy New Year and I'll see you on the flip side.

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