Friday, January 23, 2009

Sledding the Den'

With forecast highs in the 400+ degree range, who could resist getting out for some action yesterday. Certainly not this cat or his family for that matter. We all ready had a jam packed afternoon/evening with tumbling class going on, but what's cramming another activity in?!

We decided to get out and do a little sledding with Corley before the days of spring and summer fade away this whitewash we've got on the ground. Borrowing a spot scoped out earlier in the season by the Pottorrf's, we headed over to the levee trail next to Denman's. Funny, I was just complaining that they never plowed that trail and now that they have, I was back to wishing it was snow covered so I could pull little one all the way down to the sledding spot. Guess you just can't please some people.

She was pretty excited to be going down the big hill since her only other experience was just a little sidehill action in her aunt's yard. I took her for the maiden run in her new sled and she was squealing with delight. Pulling her back up the hill was a bit of fun, but we made it and then Miranda and I alternated for a few more rides down the hill. Corley tired of sledding pretty quickly which was ok by me as we didn't have to lug her back up the hill every time now. We had a little bit of time left so I headed us over to the Denmans entrance as neither of my ladies had been there before. It was time to show them at least a little bit of the trail we all love so much.

It was starting to get towards dusk and we still had tumbling class to run off to so we only went back to the first logover. Both of them had a great time and it gave me a chance to show off a little bit of why I love riding my bike out on the trails. Gotta get them back out for a hike through once the snow is gone and the sun is shining though. So much to see and love in the woods!

The rest of the night was a blur with tumbling class for little one, rushing home to grab a late dinner (we paid for that mistake), and I still managed to catch 45 minutes on the trainer. I bailed on the gym this morning though planning to hit Climb Iowa tomorrow. I thought it might be best to avoid a heavy leg workout right before trying my hand at rock climbing for the first time. Then I noticed this little post about a little indoor spin going on at the mall tomorrow with PRC. Hmm, sounds like a lot of fun and I could always use more time on my bike. Sheesh, what to do. It doesn't sound like I've got anyone really interested in going climbing and I was hoping to do that with some friends so I'm going to bail on that for now and save the gift certificate I have for another ugly day with no other prospects. See you guys spinning tomorrow!

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Courtney said...

hiking the trails is more fun in the snow try rollercoaster. You can actually get a workout walking that trail.