Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tumbling through life

Friday commenced with the ball busting again at work. Up, out the door, and on the road at 5 to head up to the land of ringing bells and buzzers otherwise known as a casino again. I'm not really excited about digging into the 2nd one in a row for me. They're a bit of a drag in terms of how quickly they want/need stuff done, so it's almost always guaranteed to be a testicle squisher. I finally wandered back home at 5 last night which was luckily before any of the weather started coming in so thank goodness for small favors.

Thursday night on the other hand was a complete opposite. It must have been a helluva good time because 2 guys that like nothing more than to snap pictures of their activities and ladies didn't manage to get a single pic taken all night. We boogied over to see the Pottorff's for some killer home cooked roast beef and fixins. Damn was that tasty (my part of the equation was pretty easy). The girls got a chance to get reacquainted and were palling around before long at all.

We all shot the breeze for a bit and then it was off for tumble tots. Basically you get a bunch of toddlers, add some gym mats, a few fun and goofy activities and play for a half hour. Pretty good stuff in my book. The girls had so much fun the weren't quite ready for the night to end and I was definitely agreeable with that. So we stopped back by for them to help wear each other out a bit more and finished off a killer evening. You just can't ask for much more.

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