Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Introducing toes to fingers

Another session of yoga down last night. I actually worked up a sweat this time. I don't know that the moves/poses were any harder this week versus last, but I tried harder to keep my core under tension plus I was just coming off 50 minutes on the bike so it helped to keep the blood pumping a bit more.

I noticed a couple things. My hamstring flexibility is all ready getting better. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I've been making sure to stretch them good after cycling plus the yoga. So, I can touch my toes without straining and actually start to get my fingers down on the floor. My eventual goal would be to put my palms on the floor, but I think that's a ways off yet. Other than that, I noted my right hip flexor and IT band are pretty dang tight. So tight in fact that anything involving both legs showed the right leg sitting significantly higher off the floor than the left. I got a few stretch recommendations from the instructor after class to help with that range of motion too.

While I don't think I'm quite hooked to the point of buying my own yoga mat, it's been fun and I'm planning on keeping up with it. Miranda and I also designated it as our joint night at the gym. While we didn't get to the gym to do anything before class, it was still nice having an hour to stretch and just be by each other. Truly the class length and interest level is about perfect considering I didn't look at the clock and wonder when we'd be done until our hour had actually passed.

The plan is to catch a couple hours outside on the bike tonight. I'm REALLY looking forward to being outside. Sure sweating away on a trainer hasn't become complete hell yet, but actual movement is nice, plus I can switch up bikes too. I'm excited to see how the fitting on the mountain bike goes this Saturday. I've changed just a few basic things since buying it, but I'm toying with the idea of flipping the stem back to a more aggressive stance. As long as I'm talking fitting, thus far, the fit has been pretty good on the road bike. I think I might tweak the saddle tilt a shade to bring the nose up a hair more as I notice I'm sliding forward slightly. I'm also planning to talk to Adam about my right hamstring feeling a little tight now compared to the left one. Might need a minor cleat adjustment.

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