Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fresh powder!

With snow in the forecast for yesterday, plans to ride were definitely in the air as well. I hooked up with Squirrel, Conlon, and Govner for some working out in the deep powder. I'd forgotten how much effort it takes to stay upright and moving forward in unbroken trail. Actually, I was riding 3rd wheel so I only plowed a small portion of trail compared to Squirrel and Conlon. Rollercoaster was a ball with the fresh stuff although I took it way slower than usual and had to walk the switchback. After that, we blasted off towards Denman's and hit the really deep stuff. The connector was 8-12" deep in spots and definitely the hardest work.

As we rolled up to Denman's we were accosted by Fuller and Kent who were obliged to take a partial lap through on the way home from work. Considering the snow had stopped falling less than 4 hours earlier and we were in the process of laying 6 tracks in the snow, I consider that pretty awesome for the heartiness of our local guys. All good things must end though and the rest of the boys rolled off about halfway through Denman's saying they'd had enough trail breaking. Squirrel did manage to take one shot of my copious amount of light before heading out though.

Looking ahead no tracks

Looking back at laying on a single set after the boys took off

After they rolled out, I kept on rolling and as I was stopping for pictures I saw another set of lights coming. Cam was out enjoying the snow as well. He rolled by and I jumped on his wheel while we rode the rest of the trail. That's probably the only time I'll ever be able to keep pace with him as we were just put putting along, but it was still a blast. We rode to the end of the levee on Dirty Express where he turned back for a reverse loop and I headed back to the truck. Almost 2 hours of playing in the snow. Definitely a recipe for good times!

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