Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap

First off, I hope you all had a great Christmas and got to enjoy the time with family, friends, or however you wanted. I'd say we had a pretty fulfilling year for our family.

Things really started rolling Wednesday around noon. I boogied out of the office early and headed home to put the ham in the oven and grab a few supplies before taking off for the shop's low key party. There was a ton of food, good beer, and good friends. I sharpened my pool game up just a little against Squirrel and Conlan. We shot the breeze and had a great time. All too soon, I had to get headed out though as we had family coming over for Christmas Eve celebrating.

I jumped in and helped Miranda and my brother finish cleaning things up and then started setting up the table. While the basement isn't the greatest place in the world for a dining room and family room, our remodel efforts from last year make it pretty inviting when it's all set up.

Even Corley was dressed to the nines for the occasion.

With both our families gathered round, we enjoyed a great meal and then swamped Corley with presents. Fortunately, both our families listened pretty well this year and didn't buy a ton of stuff and mostly bought things that she could use or were learning toys of some sort. We try hard to keep the Grandparents in check when it comes to buying superfluous crap (toys) that serve no purpose and are forgotten almost immediately. They did a pretty fine job this year. Corley was definitely into opening presents more this year and is beginning to be more aware that its a festive celebration. We wrapped things up relatively early, but Corley didn't go down until well after 9 due to being so hyped up, but she did put out cookies and milk for Santa.

After she bedded down, I had a couple presents left to wrap and engaged in the age old dad's pastime of assembling things on Christmas Eve. At least this year it was just a simple bookshelf and done in half an hour. Last year it was a full on play kitchen that took a couple hours (I know how you feel Squirrel). After that it was on to bed after scarfing down the cookies and milk of course!

Christmas morning was pretty low key. Corley slept in until after 9 and we followed suit. Soon enough I'm sure we'll be doing the buttcrack of dawn deal. We had some breakfast and then it was time for more presents. Obviously Corley scored the most as we have tried to get away from buying much for each other. Miranda hand made a ton of things for Corley this year; everything from felt play food (a hole picnic setup) to a full on chef's outfit with hat, apron, and gloves. Corley absolutely loved them and wanted to go play as soon as they were opened even though she had more left. She also got a fairy dress for her pretend play that was pretty darn cute.

I scored pretty well with the things I received. Miranda got me an IPOD Nano which will help on my trainer rides, a gift certificate for a full day of climbing and gear rental at Climb Iowa (big surprise on that one), and a few small things. My bike lights I bought earlier were also a chunk of my gifts as well. Miranda got a new sewing machine to replace her death rattling old one, the first 2 seasons of Heroes, and some other odds and ends. All in all a good haul for everyone! We snapped a great picture to celebrate before settling down to relax away the rest of the day.

Friday Corley and I headed over to do some sledding at her aunt's house in the morning and played with some cousins.

Conlan, Gov'ner and I got out in the late afternoon for a slush filled ride as the day turned into a soupy mess on the trails. At least they were rideable! We finished off with some hills and site seeing back south of Grand until John blew out a tire. None of us had patches or a spare tube so I headed off to grab my truck while they started hoofing it towards his place. Not the greatest end, but still a nice ride for almost 2 hours. Saturday and Sunday were pretty much lazy days though I did manage to get some more bike time in on the trainer. Now its back to work for a few days and then off for a day before finishing out the week. Fun fun!

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