Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Red box review

Hopping back to Saturday night we found ourselves kid free thanks to grandma. We hit one of our perennial favorite restaurants, Mezzodi's. You can barely go wrong with anything on the menu and that meal was no exception. We split a steak de burgo along with an appetizer and desert to try and cut out a few calories. Of course, topping off with 2 Fat tire's probably didn't help me out any at all, but dammit it was worth it. After dinner we were slated for a night of sweaty adult goodness, but our indulgence seemed to have wained our lust for a bit. Instead we opted to try out the miracle of the Red Box.

Being the late adopters we our, we don't have a netflix account and hadn't even given Red Box a shot yet. The gentleman I am let my lovely wife pick out the movie. Of course this also meant that she was the one shivering in below zero weather while I was snug and warm in our car... Our first choice was out so we ended up watching something that I don't even remember now. How's that, the experience of renting a movie for a buck outlasted the memory of what we even watched. The movie was decent, but obviously immediately forgettable. On the other hand renting a movie for a 1/4 of what Blockbuster charges- priceless. I'm sure it's just as much of a pain in the ass if you're looking for new releases as renting from the other places, but if you're in the mood for something that has been out for a bit, you're probably in decent luck. I'm sure we'll be hitting more of the Red Box the next time the move bug strikes.

Oh, and for those keeping score, the amore was back in full swing by the time we hit the door and movie watching was put off until after we were sweaty and exhausted ;)


Brian said...

You know you can go online and see what movies are in Redbox's near you? Nice feature. It will even let you reserve it online. Sweet.

Buckshot77 said...

Sweet. I'll have to check that out. Of course it might help if we rented movies more than once every month or two.

Ian said...

Dude, we just discovered this incredible goodness ourselves. A friggin' dollar and they haven't been out of a flick we've wanted yet. A couple weeks ago, we tried to get "Hancock" from Hollywood Video, which was out, but a mere 100 feet away at Albertson's, Redbox came through! We're hooked.