Monday, December 01, 2008

Cranksgiving 2008

Ahh, the satisfaction of taking a well deserved vacation. I'm sure all 2 of you have noticed I even took a hike from doing any blog posting. I had lots of good ideas and even a few things to talk about, but dammit, I just didn't feel like taking time out of my relaxing to post up. Anyways...

As always, it's a fricking mad rush getting things ready to go before taking vacation and that Friday was no different. I was trying to be home by a certain time for some thing that I can't even remember now and things flew apart at work at the last minute so I was rushing to get everything done and ended up late. Doesn't seem to matter now, that's for sure. Saturday was Cranksgiving hosted by the PRC girls. In it's 2nd year of infancy it turned out to be another great event even with the weather changing to snow just before the start. As I knew I couldn't compete really for any major prizes, I went to have fun and came up with a devious plan. There's really only one spot you can purposely try to win if you're a not so fast rider- most $ spent. So, that's just what I did.

I managed to spend just over $110 on 12 items. Now how do you manage to do that when you're buying things like canned tuna and bags of pasta? Actually, it's pretty simple. There's no rule on how big an item you can buy, just a minimum size. So, wherever I could, I maximized the quantity of a single item such as a bigger can of tuna for instance. My 2nd option was to purposely buy higher priced items. This in itself can be optioned into 2 categories. Knowing where you can buy more expensive items ($10+ for shampoo at The Market) and figuring out a way to get one over on the competition by shopping at a different location ($48 for 1 lb of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee at Zanzibars) are good things to go for. One final word to the wise is to go for the trailer option if you're planning this strategy as I don't think I could have fit everything into just a messenger bag.

There you go, for anyone wanting to pick up a golden crank next year, you too can buy your way to the front of the line. I won't be going that route again, so feel free to enjoy the fruits of my inventive labor. Actually, one of the most fun parts was hearing Kelli come up an tell us that there was some guy out there that had gone out to spend the most money. She was shocked by it. I really should have played along, but my bravado got the best of me and I boasted that I was indeed the idiot trying to outspend everyone else. All I can say it I hope the people really enjoy good coffee and some high end shampoo! I had a blast and will be back next year for sure.

Oh and my hats off to this kid. That's just hard core and he looked like he was having a ball out there with his dad.

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Courtney said...

I can't even spend $48 on coffee for myself.....
But winning is still winning