Monday, December 22, 2008

The cops are coming for me

Had a weird occurrence this morning at work that necessitated calling the police. A guy stopped in roughly 7:15 to work and said his car broke down on our street. Not a big deal, but then he asked to use our restroom as well as the phone. Again, not a big deal. Really, nothing other than the guy being a bit nervous about everything really stood out until about a half hour after he left.

I stopped in to the restroom and noticed someone (assuming he did it) attempted to flush a handful of paper towels down the toilet. Not wishing to repeat my stint as janitor I donned a rubber glove and fished them out tossed them in the trash. There I noted something odd in the trash can. Someone had tossed a red negligee and empty (mood altering) medication bottle in the trash. Add in that the sopping mess of paper towels appeared to have some sort of red stain on them, the general attitude of the guy, and the fact that his story switched around several times before he just vanished, and we decided it was best to call the cops after talking to a couple co-workers about the weirdness.

so now the cops are coming for me, yippee!


Brian said...

Whoa, that's some serious stuff right there. Even reading about it freaks me out a little. You could need to ID this guy and could be heading to court, so I'd be pretty mindful on what you blog. You wouldn't want some criminal to get a pass because of something you wrote or didn't write.


Buckshot77 said...

I'm not too worried about what I write as it's my interpretation of the event (and what I told the officer). An officer did show up though and jotted down a few notes about what I told him and took the questionable stuff with him. Definitely a weird way to start the morning.

Brian said...

The problem would be if what you wrote differs, even slightly, from what you said to the Officer or what you might say on the stand. You just never know, a defense attorney will look for anything to make you seem less credible as a witness.

I'm not being critical of your post, just giving my 2 cents.