Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend recovery

After 2 weeks without a full day off work, I took my medecine this weekend and made sure to play hard. Maybe a bit too hard. I'm just not feeling it at all today. It's damn near lunch and I haven't accomplished much except sitting here looking like I'm doing something. Ahh well, maybe I'll get my mid-afternoon boost and kick some ass yet before heading home.

Of course I spent the day at the races yesterday as you can read all about in the post directly below this one. Rewind to Friday and I decided to take advantage of some time and ride my bike to work. After work, I headed out to meet Miranda at some friend's house in Indianola. A scant 31 miles later and I was there. At least I had a change of clothes though as I'm sure I wouldn't have been too pleasant to be around had I remained in my bike clothes. We whiled away the evening with some burgers, beers, balloons, and watching the kids chase each other around their massive swingset. Good times indeed. Unfortunately it seems these friends might be moving back to Chicagoland in the relatively near future. We'll be sad to see them go for sure.

Saturday was a bit of a mad dash around as we were to meet some friends out at Adventureland for a day of fun in the sun. I was up and about early having to run and grab some new tires for the bike to try on Sunday and to get a much needed haircut. As per our standard operating procedure, we were about a half hour late getting on the road.

I'm ready to go daddy!

Adventureland was absolutely boiling with people. We made the best of it hitting as many rides as we could with Corley before she was to be picked up for a night at Grandmas. She had a blast and in turn, we had a lot of fun taking her. It's still hard to justify $62 for the two of us to get in the gate, so we'll be doing some thinking about it next year and hopefully score some discounted tickets. After we dropped Corley with Grandma (we literally handed her over the security fence in the parking lot!) we met up with our friends and their boys. We hung out doing a few rides the rest of the afternoon and then we boogied early leaving them to close down the park.

Back home we had a little time to ourselves and did what all good couples should be doing when they find themselves in that situation. Connections were made and smiles were popping all around ;) After we cleaned up and tidied the house a bit, we buzzed off to a nice relaxed dinner at our favorite restaurant- Mezzodis. Our friends came back from the park around 9 as they were staying the night to hit up the mountain bike race the next day as well. He and I thrashed on our bikes till about 10, we shot the breeze until 11 and then it was off to bed again.

I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend!


Iowagriz said...

So your saying that you rode on Friday, Saturday and Sunday :)

Buckshot77 said...

Not unless you count riding the scooter on Saturday. Or I guess you could count other types of "riding" in there as well...