Monday, August 18, 2008

Upside down

Well, that's how things in my world were turned last night anyway. As I talked about last week, we got the news that one of my best friends was handed a nasty diagnosis. While they still don't have the pathology back, she's doing a great job of being a fighter and vowing to do whatever it takes. She makes me proud.

On to last night. I'm just finishing up in the shower since I decided to ride to work and then out to meet Miranda and Corley for dinner in Johnston before heading home. The phone rings and we're wondering who would be calling at 8:30 considering everyone who knows us is well aware that Corley is supposed to be in bed by then. That could only leave a wrong number or bad news. Bad news never gives a crap when it calls.

Miranda's biological dad in Tennessee hasn't been doing well. He was slapped with a lung cancer diagnosis early this year. He's been through his chemo and other treatments and seemed to be slightly on the mend. Well, we hadn't talked to him for a couple weeks and apparently he's not been doing as well as we thought. Now he's in the hospital with what appears to be Pneumonia and to top it off, it looks like there are some more masses showing up on scans they're running. Considering his all ready weakened state, and that he's a lifelong smoker, we're not expecting much of an outcome. We were planning a visit along with a stop to see our other friend in October since things will calm down at work for me. Now it's something of a race against time.

Considering Corley has never met this grandpa, we figured it's now or never. So late into the night plans were laid, plane tickets were bought, and a trip was formed. Miranda and Corley are headed out early tomorrow while I stay behind and try to get as much work through the pipe as possible in the next week and a half. Then, if the plan doesn't change, I'll be driving down to Tennessee to meet up with them before we swing back through Arkansas for a couple days to see our other friends. Not really the best timing for everything, but then again when is it?


Keith & Angy said...

There's a run of bad news going on. My friend's mother got news she has 2 brain tumors and a cyst as well! They did get word they are not on any "vital" parts...what part of your brain is NOT "vital". Anyway...praying for you guys!!

Buckshot77 said...

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts.