Monday, August 25, 2008

Ignorance is...

Bliss? Actually, I'm beginning to this ignorance is really just ignorance. After all the hullaballoo last week with Miranda's dad passing away from a combination of lung cancer and pneumonia, you'd think it might have some impact on his relatives. According to my wife who is now staying with some of those relatives, it was hard to choose a place to stay once their hotel time ran out. The reason being, everyone smokes!

James was a lifelong smoker and didn't escape the clutches of cancer so you can't really say it was a surprise. However, you'd think those around him might do well to recognize that maybe the grim reaper isn't hiding too far around the bend considering he was just shy of 50 when he passed. Add in the biggest insult to it in the fact that his son (Miranda's half brother) and his wife are expecting and both still smoke like crazy. They visited us early this year and had promised emphatically that they'd both be going cold turkey as soon as they found out they were pregnant. OK, fine, so how come at 6 months along you're still smelling like an ash tray and smoking like a fiend? Some people.

In all actuality, I could care less if you want to smoke, but I certainly can think you're a little unwise for doing so. I guess I'd have thought that Jame's death might have hit a little closer to home for them, but I'd be wrong. Ahh well. Ignorance is just ignorance.

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