Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some creative writing

I've been thinking about posting some of my misc writing that I've done over the years. For the most part, this stuff is pretty personal and related to things that are happening in my life when I write them. I've got one that as you can see is pretty pissed off. For some reason, the mood strikes me as a good time to post it. Enjoy or not, it's up to you. Let me know if you want to see anything else.

Rage 9/18/02

A rage burning in the night seeking the heat wanting to fight. I hate the truth for it is damming bring the earth down upon my ears, shattering the peace and making me cease. You don’t need to bother and I don’t need to be, could there any truer words be? It doesn’t make a difference to you if I’m live or dead you all ready damned me to hell breaking my heart making me bleed red. The hatred starts to rise bringing with it all the flames of the past and the fires of burned desires. You can’t fathom the pain beating my head in vain, I hurt the one who loves me most and it isn’t you. I am dead and live not living but merely surviving. There is an empty soul in front of you, floating without value, living without cause. More pain than anyone deserves only earned by that who loves most deeply. Hatred spawned of love, pain born of caring, no more is this world worth the sharing. Rip into my flesh and kill me inside burning with rage and the anger to hide. You’ve beat me into submission, no longer on a mission I now hate to think what might have been. Rage, it’s cage, spewing my guts upon the stage. You feed the fire make hatred my desire for you I rage.

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