Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Nothing really significant about this number with the exception of it's the number of hours I spent on the clock yesterday. Not too shabby other than being a salaried position means I get paid for a whopping 8 of those hours. You can definitely bet, I'll be mentally tracking them for flex time repayment though. Of course that's not the whole story as we were up at 3:45 yesterday in the AM to get Miranda, Corley, and Miranda's mom off to the airport to hit the flight to Memphis. They made it down just fine and miraculously, everything that was booked online seemed to go off without much of a hitch at all.

Corley was able to actually get back into the ICU for a short time to visit her grandpa. She'd never met him before and we really felt it needed to happen since this will probably be the only chance she'll ever get whether she remembers it or not. We were really worried she wouldn't be let back since the rule is you have to be 14 or older to be in the ICU, but some serious talking to the nurses got her a free pass for a little bit. I'm sure they're well aware of the situation too...

It still looks like I'll be headed off to pick them up at the end of next week. While I used to love road tripping, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to 10 hours on the road to pick up what will probably be a pretty somber wife and daughter. I'll probably be answering phone calls most of the time anyway as the jobsite is really heating up with things to start putting in place.

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