Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The tradeoff?

It seems that there is always a tradeoff. In this case it happens to be my sex life for time spent working on my car. It never seems to fail, if I spend more than a weekend or two in a row and any time during the week working in the garage or more specifically on my car, the frequency of my sex life plummets.

I know there is at least one issue with not being able to spend time together during the time I'm spending working on other things, but I tend to wonder if there isn't underlying jealousy of some sort as well. To give you a bit of history, I'm a recovering car junkie! LOL, well at least that's how I like to put it. Let's just say that I spent a good deal of the first couple years of our marriage under the hood of a car and not under the hood of my wife. I learned the hard way that tends to lead to very bad issues with wandering wives. I am happy to say that it took us about a year to get things worked out, but once we moved past it, our lives were much more fulfilling.

The problem now is that there comes a point in time where I must invest certain amounts of time working on my car or cars in general as I have a side business that includes me building engines and modifying parts for cars. A couple of times a year I have some big shows, races, etc that I go to and that's usually preceded by some frantic rush for 2-3 weeks of working on finishing things up whether it be on my car or stuff I'm doing for other people. This flurry of activity usually hinders our time spent together and also the aforementioned sex life.

I guess I'm mainly just complaining because I can, but I don't see why the two have to always be connected. I really long for my wife to be a part of this hobby/business that is so important to me. Unfortunately I have yet to find a way to pique her interest in this subject. She will attend events with me and look at some of the nice vehicles or watch the races for a short amount of time, but she has no real interest in cars other than just to view them. Other than that, she stands around bored while I'm engrossed in talking to different people. Often it does involve technical subjects that I don't expect her to appreciate, but with some basic knowledge I know she could have a lot more fun at these events.

I'm pretty well resigned to the fact that I won't ever have her interested in cars other than keeping on me to get her classic mustang out and running. I really do plan to make the time to work on her car soon, but with everything else going on, I find it harder and harder to get additional time. I wonder if I'd suffer the same penalty of sex for working on her "fun" car? Hmm, I see a possible experiment coming. If I spend a copious amount of time on her car, is it still "car time" or does it count as "us time" since I'm working on something for her? I'll try to remember this and keep you guys updated.

Speaking of you guys, is there anyone out there? I haven't seen a single response yet. Not that I'm seeking to be blog of the year or anything like that, but it would be nice to know if there is anyone at least browsing occasionally. I might have to bug one of my blogger buddies and find out how to do a number tracker. Well, I suppose I've bored you enough for one huge post.

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Celtic Frog said...

You're not doing too bad, Buck... just keep it up and enjoy the ride - I get over 100 hits a day now but for the first two months I was lucky to get 20 total.

Looks nice!