Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Does the spending ever end?

You know, I really do understand the fact that modifying your car comes with a certain price tag involved. However, does it ever end once you start? I just figured out yesterday that I should really be dropping another $500-$600 on a quality oil cooler. The upside is maybe I can get my oil temps under control. I happen to run about 285+ degrees when I'm out on the track so I've got to get a handle on it for this year. I'm really hoping to get some more track time than last year. One full day on a road course followed up by a fire the first session of the next day really cut into my track time. I ended up fixing everything this spring so the car is just about back on track.

I'm also excited about getting my new hood back from the paint shop this friday. In lieu of leaving it the typical carbon fiber look I've decided to paint it out, plus my new hood latches are pretty cool too. I'm getting closer and closer to being ready for our big show coming up this month.

Beyond that my wife and I are looking into a new business venture- sex toys! I'll post more on that in a different post.

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