Friday, May 06, 2005

Rewind to the beginning

Since it just struck my fancy to start blogging one day I didn't really introduce myself so I'll see if I can't give you some background. I'm a Midwesterner, happily married to a wonderful woman, I'm a car nut, sex nut, amateur creator, and love to build things. More or less I wouldn't consider myself too far out of the normal range of guys. I'm on the back half of my 20's and we have no kids so life is still pretty free flowing on what we do for fun and the occasional whim. I was given the nickname of "Buckshot" from my grandpa many years ago. I never really went by the name, but at the advent of my online adventures some dozen or so years ago, I was affronted with the mystifying task of creating a screen name. Being that all the cool names a late teen could come up with, this one happened into my head and kind of stuck. In reality though my grandpa probably named me after a semi famous Nascar racer, the literal translation of the word also seems to fit my personality.

Alas, my grandpa died a few years ago and I never took the time to thank him for a good nickname. It's funny how people that you don't really think of as influences on your life affect you when they pass away. He was the typical quiet guy that never really opened up emotionally, but that was part of his generation. In any case I miss him and wonder if I'll have the same recognition once I'm gone.

As far as why I'm creating this blog, I don't quite know! How's that for an answer. I tend to be bored at work, but my mind never seems to shut off so this has become the most logical way to put that unspent energy to work. Much better than actually doing something like real work, huh?! If you couldn't have guessed by the previous few posts, I really enjoy cars and occasionally enjoy working on them too. My job is a somewhat typical desk type affair, so cars give me an outlet to do something creative by working on and modifying them. I also gave you a bit of a taste into my sexual side which is something new for me to discuss at random. Even with the anonymity of the internet there are a ton of people on various car forums that I visit who could easily google and find this blog. It will be interesting to see if the connection is ever made. However, since I don't view sex as something that needs to be hidden like some dirty secret, it will just be out there as another part of my life, kind of like eating.

That's about it for now. If there are any things you'd like to know I'll see what I can dredge up.

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