Friday, February 27, 2009

Where were you?

I now interrupt my regular programming to bring you all something a little more personal and a bright spot in my life. I alluded to the this post earlier this month. Between life and work keeping me hopping and me wanting to keep things under wraps for just a bit, it's taken me a while to decide on putting this out there. And now to the original piece I wrote back on February 3rd:

So where were you the last time you knew your life was going to make a major change in some way shape or form? For me, that's today.

I was sitting at my desk, 11:30 in the morning and Miranda calls. Have you checked your text messages she asks? Nope, I've been buried trying to figure out the next batch of work orders on this stupid casino and in and out of my office trying to keep my anxiety and stress levels manageable. Well, she says, do you want some good news? I had a pretty strong instant notion of what that news would be as soon as she coyly asked me. Indeed, we were pregnant.

I think I flipped through a million emotions in all of 2 seconds flat. Apparently it was a bit longer though as Miranda was concerned over my silence. I was happy, I was scared, I was... everything all wrapped in one big package of emotion. Being that we were trying to get pregnant and it will be our 2nd child, I guess I'm not overly blown away or caught unawares, but its still a life changer for sure.

Now the worry starts along with the elation and anticipation. I as set here and type this, we're setting in the middle of a massive recession (some people say its a depression), our retirement savings plummeted by over 1/3 in the past year, and we have a few thousand dollars in liquid cash. I know we made the right decision when we started trying again, but the analyst in me still looks at the frightening stats and wondering how it will all come together in the end.

In my head I've all ready started a plan for things that must be completed, changed, built, sold, etc in the next 8 months. Its crazy to even begin to fathom how much must be taken into account and readied for. 8 months seems like eons from now, but I know that time will still run short and things won't get done. However, life will continue and I imagine we'll soon find ourselves fully ensconced in the new changes and enjoying the arrival.

I guess this is as good a place as any to voice my wish for us to have a boy (all ready having a girl) and not planning to have any more after this one. However, I'll be supremely happy just to have a healthy beautiful baby to call our own. Here's to you our little baby, I can't wait to meet you, Daddy.


Iowagriz said...

Congratulations, what great news! Don't worry about the economy it will come back and with cash in the bank, your better off than most.

Brian said...


Good to have a second one, they apparently need someone to argue with and beat the tar out of a little later in life.

Best wishes for all your family.

Courtney said...

The second one is easier than the first.
The third one is easier than the second....I think
Congratulations Rick, beside who care about the economy you just got another deduction!