Monday, February 02, 2009

10 pounds of shite in a 5 pound bag

Ugggh, that's about how I feel this morning. Like an overstuffed sausage. Now I remember why checking my self indulgence at the door is a bad thing. How are these for stats: ride time- 5.5 hours, weight gain- 3 pounds! Yup, I got outside to ride both days and other than the pain, thoroughly enjoyed it. OK, so who am I kidding, I enjoy the pain just a little too... I ate ok over the weekend until yesterday's Superbowl party at a friend's house. I checked my inhibitions at the door and let 'er rip. Ya, my weight was up 3 pounds between yesterday morning and this morning. At least I made it into the gym this morning and should be hitting some snowshoeing tonight it plans hold. Anyone interested in a late evening tromp through Denman's before we lose this snow completely?

Plans were flying all over the place for rides on Saturday. I think I had no less than 4 options of start times/points and types of rides to choose from. Being that I like to get out early, I shot over to Squirrel's for a 7 AM gravel ride. Temps were perfect at a shade under 30 degrees as we rolled out of his place and off towards Booneville. Plan was to hook up with another group rolling from Fuller's place somewhere along Booneville Road. They were running a bit behind so we headed north and over some more hills to meet up with them. Fuller, Sumpter, Anderson, and Will were all game as we headed back through the hills and the rest of the loop.

We rolled the hills pretty quickly with the exception of one quick stop. Apparently there are cougars in the area south of Booneville... Funny, most of us thought cougars were hunting mostly at night around these parts. Just to be sure, we rounded up our group at that point and left Tom and Will to fend for themselves. Funny, we never saw them after that point... I did hear they finished up later on though so alls well that ends well.

As we headed back east with a tailwind, Squirrel decided we were all in need of a serious ass kicking and cranked up his big ring. Damnit, Squirrel on a geared bike is about the worst best idea I've heard for a long time. He tore my legs up for sure as I put in a pretty good effort trying to real him back in, but gave up after 20 minutes. Fuller blew by me after I'd blown up, but didn't seem to fare any better until we regrouped at a stopping point. We rolled back into town catching the gravel out around old Army post road and back in through Water Works. We hit the shop in time to strip off some sweat soaked layers and chill out waiting for the 10 AM group to show up.

My ass was pretty well kicked at this point with my legs telling me I haven't got any distance in them this year. I chowed a bar and hit a shot of gel before feeling slightly better. As luck would have it, I'd all ready made up my mind that I wasn't going to hit another full loop. 50 miles would be plenty for me and as the big group rolled through Raccoon River Park, I was quickly off the back.

Actually, I don't think I missed too much other than some suffering, sloppy roads, and a grime covered bike. Even though I was rocking fenders, I still didn't miss this action. Kurt was wishing for some fenders I'm sure.

Above pics were all stolen from Squirrel!

Sunday I was in for a nice recovery spin. No takers on some cross bike/road action and I was fine with that. An early breakfast and then a rollout from our usual spot had me heading out towards Maffit for a planned 2 hour spin in zone 2-3. After yesterday averaging zone for for 3.5 hours, I needed some relief. I pushed a few hills, but for the most part, I let the legs spin. Ever the number junky, I was severely disappointed when my garmin failed to fire up. It was locked up and I'd forgotten the secret combination of buttons to push to get the thing running again. Ahh well, I just used my best judgement and felt good at the end of the ride. I broke out the Ritual Route for the most part, but did an extra out and back past Maffit reservoir for some bonus mileage and some nice scenery over the lake.

I was rocking the IPOD for only the 2nd or 3rd time ever on a ride. Tired of my workout mix, I hit random. Only one problem with that. I've got over 100 kids songs loaded on there for playing during drive time with Corley! Doh, nothing like jamming along and having Frosty the Snowman or the theme to Sesame Street as sung by Elmo pumping out through your earbuds. Actually, it brought a smile to my face as I felt myself singing along with a couple of the songs. All in all a nice way to spin out the legs. I'm still feeling it this morning, but at least the progress in my fitness is coming along.


Squirrel said...

If I'd a known it was going to be the Moffitt loop I'da went with ya. Stupid Squirrel....Johnny and I are rolling tomorrow if you want to meet up.

Buckshot77 said...

My bad. Was nice to spin easy for 2 hours though... LOL Hopefully work will be quiet enough to roll with you.

Steve Fuller said...

nice riding with you on Saturday Rick. I'm sure your legs would have held out a bit longer without the studs on the bike.

Buckshot77 said...

Tell me about it. Those things have to be the slowest heaviest tires I've ever seen. I guess it's good for a resistance workout! Sounds like a couple of us will be rolling tomorrow night.