Friday, February 20, 2009

3 Hour tour- map

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Here's the anticipated loop for tomorrow's 3 hour tour. Should be roughly 3/4 gravel on this route. *Disclaimer- route may change pending weather, participants whining, pace for making it to Vaudeville by 1pm, and/or any other whim as I may deem fit.

Ride is still currently a go unless we get a bunch of ice with the snow tonight. In case of snow, I might recommend something with a little fatter tire just in case there are any hidden ruts or other dangers lurking out there. Cross bike should still work fine depending on your comfort level. I probably won't make a final decision on what to ride until morning.


Iowagriz said...

I'm likely out. Too much other stuff going on.

Courtney said...

# hours is a little short for a tour. I have to work tomorrow so I won't be there but this tour seems to have everything cycling and free beer. The Beer is first right? That could help with the ruts and stuff. Have one for me as I will be slaving away (walking around) at work.