Monday, September 08, 2008

It's better than the alternative

I can't count how many times I've heard this saying lately. I wonder if it's just coming back around as a fad or if it's becuase people don't want to say that it sucks to be you, or what. While I think there's definitely some truth to the fact that it's better to be busy and gainfully employed, I think there's such a thing as being too damn busy.

I've been briefly unemployed. While I like to say it was a mutual parting of ways, the truth was I was fired. I was actually releived to be rid of that job though so I guess that might not be the greatest of examples. However, the circumstances I faced were still the same as most anyone else, I had a house to pay for, a car with a note, various other things to support like eating, and just had life to deal with. Funny, I had a new job in less than a week and even though it was temporary until I could find something that was really more towards my final plan, it was work and I had a paycheck coming in.

I guess I really don't have a point other than if I hear one more time that it's better than the alternative, I might just fucking scream. In case you can't tell, today has sucked pretty much from the time the phone started ringing this morning.

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Pete Basso said...

I'm a pretty staunch believer in "there really isn't an alternative". I think God closes some doors in order to open others. As you move from one door to another God introduces you to new people and new lessons in life that allow you get better as a person, love your family more and value your existence as a whole person. Sounds to me by reading your blog that these lessons are truths already. Rick, you're a very smart and articulate guy that has a ton going on, keep your head up and know that the next door will be opening. Have faith that your next experience will be much better and your last experience will allow you not take for granted your time with your family.

So good to see you and your bride the other night. It was a great party with great people! Talk to you soon.