Friday, September 26, 2008

Crappy start to the morning

Well, I can only hope the rest of the day isn't indicated by the start to the morning. Actually, everything went well until the morning ritual fueled on by coffee dictated that I head to the room with no windows. So far, so good, right? Ya with me? The fateful moment came when I pushed that little magic button that makes it all go away.

Hmm, that's odd, the water is rising and not falling. Uh oh, it's getting pretty close to the rim. OK, damn, where's the plunger? Oh shit, someone has absconded with the fucking plunger! Nothing to do now, but watch the brown tide roll forth. I've gotta say, I'm actually thankful our restrooms at work are completely tiled.

I hurriedly stuck a sign to the door that warned you should only enter if you have the need to empty your stomach contents and went in search of a plunger and mop. Someone thoughtfully put a plunger next to each toilet in the shop restroom, but apparently thought since the office personnel's shit don't stink, we would never have the need for one. I stole the closest one at hand and ran back to conquer the shit demon.

Honestly I think someone set me up. Not to be too graphic, oh wait too late for that, but I know what it takes to make a toilet runneth over and there was nothing this morning that even came close to that level of fury. A couple quick bouts with the plunger and now I was reduced to lead janitor in charge of cleanup in aisle 2 (or was that number 2)? Who does number 2 work for anyway?

A heaping helping of Clorox disinfectant and a soiled mop bucket later, I had things back under control. Definitely not the start I wanted for my day, but all's fair in love an war. Now, if you're still reading and not retching, hopefully I'll see a few of you at Quarter Rage tonight. Enjoy and remember, your day could always be worse...

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