Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday thoughts

Thank you to Tom who interpreted Wednesday's post correctly and identified it was indeed my birthday. I got in all of my plans and had a pretty good overall day. Thinking back on it now, I gotta say I'm pretty lucky.

I had to work. So what, doesn't most everyone? I took off at my appointed time after logging about 9 hours. Can't complain too much there. I met up with some other guys for the taco ride at Rassy's. I took off at 6 and the rest of the group apparently waited another few minutes for others. Oh well, that put me into Denman's on my own and it was perfect. I just enjoyed the solitude and peace. I rode easy and played in the mud a bit. Other than a pesky log crossing that bit me, Denman's was uneventful.

I headed over to Hillside to round out the night and just past the top of the hill I had a flat. I guess you gotta have one every now and then. The downside was I spent 15 minutes fighting the tire to get it off the rim. Road tires are much easier! I did get it fixed and finished out my lap of Hillside on my own with some good fun and fast downhilling. I made my way back through to the Dirty Express and had it in my head that I really wanted to clear that dirt ledge that's formed where the trail washed out. I chickened out last time and then realized my bottom bracket would clear. Well, I got both wheels up on the trail and then promptly fell over and whacked myself pretty good with the bike.

From there it was off to the races. I had to meet my blushing bride at Cafe Su for dinner. Now I was pretty mud covered and dirty at this point. I broke out the baby wipes once I reached the truck and cleaned up any parts that would be exposed plus the layer of sweat I'd worked up. Everything else was covered up by street clothes. We ate way too much dinner and gorged ourselves further with desert before rolling home. A bit of TV, a shower to clean off the grime and I was off to bed feeling pretty content with the day. Sometime later I was even roused out of my slumber and then aroused out of my slumber if you get my drift to close out a pretty damn good day.

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