Friday, May 23, 2008

Under where?

I'm on the fence here. It's great having new people reading the blog, but at the same time, I've actually met or might sometime in the future have a chance of meeting a number of you. As my focus of the blog has shifted to roughly 95% about my bike, I've posted less info about personal items. On that note, I've been debating on whether or not to start a separate blog to talk about things of a more personal nature: sex, toys, lingerie, etc. For now, I think I'll just keep things together and preface those posts of a more personal nature with a slight caution. This really isn't for my protection, but your own. I'm just not sure that many of you want to really know me that well. Hey, if you do, great, but if you don't, you probably should stop reading now.

OK, warning given, here we go. I mentioned a while back about our last trip to the International Lingerie Show in Vegas. We've received pretty much all of the test pieces we've ordered and had a chance to give them the initial once over. A few disappointed and won't be carried in the store, a number met the basic expectations and we'll select a few of them, and a few broke the mold for kickass pieces. As I'm not into trying on women's lingerie (at least beyond throwing the occassional pair of panties on my head and dancing around like a fool), I'll stick to reviewing some of the new men's line. Frankly, I never thought a pair of underwear would do much for me or my wife for that matter. I mean, it's just a layer of clothing meant to keep your junk from free swinging into orbit while you're ensconced in the daily grind, right?! Women typically get all the cool stuff when it comes to underwear and I'll be damned if I don't love all the choices we get to see, but us guys are stuck with roughly 3 choices- boxers, briefs, and the hybrid boxer-brief.

I'm pretty sure I started like most typical kids with the whitey tighties that mom picked out from K-mart or wherever. Why she wouldn't go for the colored ones and save some of the skids from showing up is beyond me, but whatever. I transitioned to boxers in high-school when it seemed that I should grow up a bit. Then I finally got tired of the riding and bunching associated with boxers and jeans so I checked out the boxer-breif and have been rocking those ever since. Where the hell am I going with this you ask? Let's just say, while the boxer-breif definitely has my highest regard for fit and function, the fashion is drab to say the least. Sure, if I were rocking the 6 pack abs and had a roll the size of a hard salami stuffed down the front, they might be a bit more exciting to the opposite sex, but suffice it to say, I'm not that guy.

This leads to our discovery of a vendor in one of the small rooms at the lingerie show. A gentleman hocking some pretty cool looking men's underwear. We stopped and talked to him for a bit and grabbed his catalog. Pretty cool stuff inside. We stopped again the second day and did a bit of chatting with him. The guy manning the booth wasn't just the typical sales simp sent to the trade shows, but the owner and designer of the line (along with the model for a number of the pics). He explained the thought process, extra attention to detail, and virtues of his product to us. We came back later in the day and put in an order for a number of his pieces to try out.

Fast forward to last week and the arrival of said test pieces. I managed to intercept the package while Miranda was out with Corley and snuck a pair under my jeans. As the evening wore on, I tried vainly to interest my wife in what was under my pants. Finally, she noticed I had something different peaking over my waist band beyond the usual gut (at least that's been shrinking). She asked me to model them and I obliged for as long as I could suck it in at least. Her approval was swift. She loved the design, the colors, and the "enhancement" look. Then came the question: "What do you think?"

At this point, I'd only had them on for an hour or so, but thus far they were comfy, didn't ride, and best of all, it would seem that filled out look suddenly appeared. Apparently, when a designer cares enough to put in the right details, the clothing you put on can actually accentuate and enhance certain elements of your body... We both were enjoying the enhanced version of me even if it were an optical illusion! As we ordered roughly enough test variations for me to rock a different pair for almost a week, I can give you some feedback now. Not only are these things visually appealing, the dominate everything else I've ever worn for comfort, fit, and support. I've tried some high end silk pieces from Italy and while they were nice, I'd say these still handily beat those. Now here's the real kicker, these things are manufactured in the US in Portland, OR, the fabrics are mostly organic, and the price, while seemingly a bit steep for men's undies, isn't out of line for what women pay for nice bras and panties. A bigger kicker is the reaction from my wife. A certain rugby styled pair managed to entice her and start up a bit of playful grabass that hasn't been seen for a while and a flurry of pix/text messages that we've never done before. Of course that all leads up to what else, but sex! Gotta love a product that delivers on all counts.

I hope that wasn't too much information for some of you. I promise I'll try to restrain myself from posting my own pictures so you're probably safe on that account, but I can't be held responsible for any mental images! Look for these to be online shortly in our store or if you're interested in seeing the catalog and possibly ordering a pair direct, shoot me an email

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