Thursday, April 17, 2008

Color me red

Well, for several reasons the title of this post is appropo. I haven't written for over a week, last night was the first time I rode in a week, the last ride I did was through a place call Red Rock Canyon, and I also managed to get my first sunburn of the year on the last ride.

With our trip to Vegas, there hasn't been a lot of time to write. We spent an awesome four days in Vegas at the International Lingerie Show. We usually hit this show every year as it's the best way to see the new lines, explore for new vendors, and get some face time with existing vendors. This show proved to be no exception. We went out in search of expanding our selection for our mens line and our plus size line. We found some great vendors for both items and have new products coming to review.

We also had some face time with our favorite vendor of lotions, candles, and oils. This company kicks some serious ass in the quality of their product. We actually talked to them about doing some private labelling and becoming a distributor. The buy in amount is quite a bit larger than what we currently work with, but we'll get the advantage of buying at an even lower cost and having our name on the label. It's a definite risk, but we feel like this is one set of products we can really get behind and sell. We're going to start targeting some of the local businesses to see if they're interested in carrying them. Another bonus with our name on the label, it helps to advertise for us as well.

We had some seriously good eats while in Vegas. I think it's pretty hard not to find good food out there as long as you're willing to pay the price. Sunday was a BBQ joint in the Rio called RUB, Monday was mexican at Isla at TI, and Tuesday was Tao at the Venetian. Wednesday was the only letdown as we went for cheap on a friend's recommendation and headed off the strip to Ellis Island which is home to the steak and eggs combo. Definitely cheap food considering the most expensive thing was $11, but the food left a lot to be desired as it wasn't much beyond what you'd expect at a typically greasy spoon diner. Definitely a you get what you pay for place.

We did our typical walk the strip, wander through a few hotels, and gamble a little here and there. We typically like to spend a couple hours in O'Sheas casino as our favorite little dive to gamble in. Our luck was definitely off this time though as we shelled out around $150 in way less than an hour on the tables so we headed out fairly quickly. We wandered through the sister property to the Venetian, but I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it. It's just another rediculously huge and ornate over the top Vegas embellishment, but still cool to walk through and envision the cost of such a spectacle. We wandered through the stores and fingered many things that were way beyond our meager means. Damn, I can't see how they can get those prices even in Vegas.

We did get our gamble on back at our home hotel which was the Gold Coast. Great place to stay as the rooms are cheap at $60, it's across the street from our convention at the Rio, the have a free strip shuttle bus, and the rooms are pretty decent as well. This was our 3rd time there and we'll definitely be back again. We really hadn't gambled much there putting our preference on our strip favorite. This time we had some luck though with Miranda nailing $100 profit on the roulette table (her favorite) and me playing for 3 hours at blackjack and still walking away ahead a meager $20. Of course we only play for entertainment, so any money we actually win is just a double bonus.

Beyond that, we got some much needed time alone together. Of course we called and checked on the little one several times every day, but hey, we still had Vegas all to ourselves. The boost of one on one time definitely helped to recharge the sex life. We even had a chance to check out a new set of very light bondage cuffs given to us by a rep from Fun Factory. It's a new line they're coming out with to expand upon their all ready great toy line. They were fun while they lasted for all of about 5 minutes. The first minor pull against the cuffs sent the chain whipping past her head as it pulled through the silicone tab. Ah well, just a hiccup in the process and didn't slow us down much.

That about sums up Vegas. Sex, excess, and some indulgence. A great way to spend a few days. I'll catch you up on the next installment with my ride through Red Rock Canyon and some other fun things.

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