Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Sixty

An interesting title for a post for sure. But it also is a milestone of sorts for me. That was my weight as of this morning after a little urine slinging and other morning rituals. I've been bouncing around the 163-165 mark for a month or two now with an occasional dip into the 161 range, but hadn't hit 160 yet.

Following Kim's patented skip a meal fatass plan and cycling to work the past two days, plus Monday's hard effort I'm sure put me over the top. Actually, I really haven't skipped any meals and just have been a little more aware of what I'm actually eating. Considering I started riding seriously just a shade over a year ago and weighed in at 183 when I started. I'm pretty damn happy. I can't remember when I last weighed in below 165 on any type of a regular basis. There may have been a period for about 6 months back in 02 when things were a bit messy in my personal life and eating didn't even sound appealing, but beyond that, it has to be back to high school or possibly earlier than that considering I was a tab "chunky" for the first few years of high school.

Ideally, I'd like to bottom out around 155-160 and keep it there while building a little upper body/core muscle strength up. I'm thinking some yoga and a few free weights would really help out with that. Now if I could just find a free or really cheap yoga class to attend. Any suggestions?

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