Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Nope, no Tuesday Night World Championships for me last night, it was Tuesday Night With Family time. Being that I had spent pretty much all weekend doing my own selfish things and the girls are going to be gone for a trip starting tomorrow, it was time for some family things. Monday night we sat down and made stepping stones from a kit Miranda had bought as an activity. Corley even decorated hers with a footprint. After that, we let her run around in the yard barefoot which was pretty funny in itself. She'd holler "Ouchy" every time she stepped on a stick or hard spot in the ground. Guess we need to let her run more often and get those feet hardened up.

Last night was a mad rush to get everything in, but it was all worth it. We did the usual chiro deal where I go in first on my way home from work and then the girls meet me after I get done. I take the Escape back home while Miranda has her appointment and get dinner started. Had some damn fine squash ravioli and some peas for dinner before loading up the tandem and trailer. Corley was pretty excited to go for a ride with mom and dad. It was only the second tandem trip of the year and the first hauling the trailer. I was still feeling the effort from this weekend and knew my better half wouldn't be up for too much hard work, I opted for the ultra flat Summerset trail. We road a shade over 5 miles out to the turnoff to Summerset park and had an impromptu picnic and ran around being goofballs. It was awesome! It also reminded me I need to get on picking out a small camera to have with us so we can record these great moments. We rolled back to the truck by 7:40 and headed home with a scant 11.5 miles and a whopping 80' of climb logged!

Definitely some great family time in there. Speaking of such, one of the guy's at work apparently has it in his head that I'm a total fuckoff that doesn't care about spending time with his family. I'll admit, I'm still adjusting to the fact that I should be spending more quality time with my family, but I think in the whole scheme of things, I'm nowhere near being a deadbeat dad. This guy has gone out of his way it would seem to point out that while I'm biking, etc, that I'm losing precious moments with my family that I'll never get back. Maybe I wouldn't be offended if it were a close friend giving me some advice that I'm spending too much time on the bike or doing other things. I've been guilty of it before. But to be one of my co-workers that is seemingly injecting an unsolicited opinion, it raises my hackles a bit for sure. You do what works for you and I'll do what works for us.


Iowagriz said...

The riding is a balance with the family, but by riding you will be fitter and thus better able to care for your family in the long run. My wife also notices a marked improvement in my attitude if I am getting my rides in, thus making for a nicer atmosphere around the house.
Remind your co-worker of these things during his smoke break or at the tavern he frequents after work :)

Buckshot77 said...

I agree that I'm in a better mood when I get my exercise in. It would be easier to chide my coworker except for the fact that family seems to be his life in so much that I've never seen him join us in any work activities that fall outside of normal business hours such as trade shows and the like.

He's either at work or with his family and strictly draws a line there. I don't think he does much of anything by himself. I know he's got a nice road bike, but never rides it since his kids came along.