Friday, April 03, 2009

Karma's bitch

Yes, I am officially owned by Karma. She done stuck it, broke it off, and didn't even offer up a reach around. As opposed to my well played April fools prank of saying my bike was crushed in an unfortunate crane accident at work, this one is real. I went from the highest point to pretty damn low in about 2 seconds flat once Greg informed me that my seat bag was hanging wide open and had apparently puked all of it's contents somewhere during the last 25 miles of mostly singletrack. That makes this the 2nd time I've had this particular brand of bad luck. It happened last summer and I lost just my keys only to find them pretty easily. I would swear I double checked the zipper was done up right before pulling out last night, but apparently it wasn't and I'm the only one to blame. The tally wasn't terrible, but bad enough- 29'er tube, 2 CO2 canisters, CO2 inflater, spare link, keys, and my money clip with ID and credit cards.

Kyle actually found the keys on their second lap through Denman's after I'd headed off to get some Hillside action. He was kind enough to turn around from the other side of town and run them back to the shop so I could at least get home. I definitely owe him a beer or three. Around 7:30 I headed back out with my bright as light mounted up for a slow lap of Denmans to scour for the missing money clip. With the light pretty well dead, I headed home a little after nine empty handed. I was back out before the ass crack of dawn (about 5:15 AM for those unfamiliar with the terminology) and spent 3 hours walking every step of the trail I didn't cover on bike last night. I can now pretty much say I'm intimately familiar with about every step of the center trails and then some. A few others are keeping an eye out while riding this afternoon, but I've pulled the plug on the cards all ready so I'm just hoping to get the ID back so I don't have to get it replaced.

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