Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bone Bummed!

Bone Bummed!, originally uploaded by Buckshot77.

Broke the rear derailleur 2 miles into the first lap. Muddy as all get out down here but its not raining and the sun just came out. Squirrel is in 1st place overall on the 1st lap!


Courtney said...

You don't carry a couple of extras in you backpack? For shame.. Single speed next time..

Maverick said...

I ride SS MTB, because I couldn't afford a 29 er with gears.

But I do have a nice cross bike?

At least your racing.

Courtney said...

try Sram next time..

Buckshot77 said...

Actually, it was an X9 rear der. I picked up two hangers from Tom today. Now that I go about putting everything back together though, the der seems to be completely toast so I just bought a new one off fleabay for $45 shipped!