Friday, April 25, 2008

WTF man?

That's my general attitude today. I just don't get it. I think life just relishes the opportunity to kick a number of us in the balls on a semi-frequent basis just hard enough to let us know it's there and watching, waiting for our next slip-up. Maybe I'm just stressed and more high strung than usual, but damn.

After a pretty enjoyable evening spent with my daughter. OK, so I had someone else helping keep her entertained and an eye on her for an hour while I helped do something else, but it was still time spent. We went to watch the PRC Race like a girl installment and I lent a hand with registration. Corley was also kind enough to lend her bike horn to be used as the bell for the laps that required such a cacophony of sound. All in all, the racing was good and looked like a lot of fun. So much in fact that I'll probably try my hand at the men's B class next time.

Fast forward to today. I'm perusing the various bike blogs and enjoying my first cup of coffee when my boss walks in talking about a worrisome email he received from one of our bigger customers. Seems there was some tension about a project being delivered late, extra costs, and all the usual shit that goes with it. Not necessarily a big deal, except that the main man at said customer also got copied on the email. As it's my project, I rush to damage control confirming all the information and explaining why it wasn't our fault said project was delayed. An hours worth of anxiety later, I get a call from my contact and a reassurance that this whole mess is actually no fault of our own, but instead an issue between them and the contractor. Whew, my heart can go back to normal pacing, and my panties unbunch. Just enough of a kick to let me know life's watching...

Last night after I got home, my beautiful wife comes home from her mom's night out. Now she should be fully relaxed, in high spirits, and possibly in "the mood". Well, I all ready knew there would be no mood due to certain visitation rights being currently restricted, but to top that off she came home with a headache and requesting deep tissue massage. Damn, that kills my evening plans for fucking off on the net and surfing crap sites for a laugh.

Before mom's night out commenced, she met up with another friend of ours to have a long overdue discussion. Now, I don't plan to offend anyone here, but if so, fuck it. This is just another reason why organised religion bugs the shit out of me. Every single one of them is "the" right one and everyone else is wrong in some way or another. Our friend has managed to find his religion. That's cool by me. I have no issues with people finding something that works for them that they can believe in. However, don't come to me looking for me to fall to my knees, repent, and find God because you did and now you're worried about me or feel it's your duty to God to attempt to save me. Apparently this is our friend's new mission in life. Considering the fact that he and my wife dated in high school, we've been friends as a couple for going on 10 years, and done some things together, we feel we know or at least knew him pretty well. In any case, the discussion with my wife apparently got pretty heated and there was discussion of whether or not we could continue to be friends. On top of that, we're god parents to their son as well. Now this decision was made way before he or his wife found their religion. Now it would seem, we're not good enough to raise him. Fine by me. But man, that's still a kick in the nuts to find out because they've changed that you're dropped off someones "worthy" list.

Speaking of worthy lists, I'm apparently on the shit end of yet another. I applied for membership of a certain yahoo group for the second time now. I'm not sure if it's a misunderstanding or what (I somehow doubt it), but the first time my application expired and therefor wasn't approved. OK, you're busy, I can get that. The second time it was flat out rejected by the list owner. Now I've been told who the list owner/moderator is and actually thought I had some rapore with him considering I've used his services in the past, done some volunteer work for his events, and sing some praise for the things he's done. Just another tap I guess. So I hoist my hands in the air and give the universal signal for WTF man?!

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