Monday, April 28, 2008

That's more like it

At least the weekend gave me some respite from the ball kicking. Well, there was an unfortunate incident with a level falling from it's perch and bouncing off my head on it's way to the ground, but considering I put it there, I'll take that as my own damn fault.

Friday night was a free night as little one was being swept away for the evening by Grandma L. After dropping the car seat by her place, I was off to the shop to hang out for a bit and just generally watch the goings on. The debate was still open on what we'd do with our free night, but we finally settled on dinner out and renting some movies as we just wanted a night to veg out. We ended up hitting The Market for a good dinner after we made a last minute diversion from our original choice of trying out a new BBQ joint. All was good at dinner with the exception of a stupid ass cashier not bothering to listen to the words coming out of my mouth. I ordered once only to have her gaze uncloud and ask me to repeat what I just said. After ordering the second time and paying, we hit the table to wait for our food. Alas, our food arrived, so who had the soup? Neither of us had the damn soup. But sir, here is what is on your ticket? Hmm, well they didn't bother to give me a ticket that said anything but the total. Oh, and now they wanted to charge me extra for what I actually ordered. I was pretty pissed by this point. Eventually the food delivery gal went up and put in the correct order. They sent a new gal out to deliver the corrected meal and a bill for an additional $7. Fuck it, I gave her the card and just grumbled to myself. At least the food was good. We parted with some leftovers and a selection of dessert to take home with us.

We ended up with a couple movies to watch- Juno and No Country for Old Men. The first was pretty funny and a good choice. The second had some definite cool parts, a decent plot line, but a stupid ending that just ruined the whole damn thing after such a long build up. It's like the writer got tired after cranking out such a long screen play and raised a white flag. Definitely a bummer. Miranda was actually pretty livid about it and ranted on the whole movie sucking for a decent amount of time which is pretty unusual for her. Good times!

Saturday we were greeted by sunny skies and all the appearances of a really nice day. I spent the morning lounging about the house for the most part with Miranda and Corley was still overnight with Grandma. I think we managed to get some chores done, but it was mostly about being lazy yet. The afternoon rolled around and I decided it was time for a ride. I knew the wind was supposed to be pretty wild, but I had no idea. Damn! I routed out a loop that would at least use the wind to propel me through some hilly spots and took off. As soon as I headed west into the wind, it was like I had bricks in my pockets. There was just no bucking it alone. So, I put my head down and started cranking. A turn into crosswind put me leaning into the wind just to stay upright. Finally a turn into the tailwind sent me sailing over hills at 20+ and across the flats at 30+. I was stoked for that scant 7 mile trek. Alas, I had to turn back north and eventually west again. That last 8-10 miles home sucked beyond belief. Rolling on the flats pumping hard to keep the speedo reading double digits just sucked with no other way to put it. Finally I hit home and felt a little worked over. I also managed to figure out a big bowl of pasta roughly 30 minutes before a ride is not good fuel for me. I work best on limited food before the ride for sure. The pasta sucked up a lot of my energy on the beginning of the ride and definitely didn't help me try to work in a few interval type efforts. Ughh!

Sunday was a whole different ballgame. We planned to help out some friends with a few chores that required two guys and then hang out for a cookout. One thing led to another and as we got our chores done, the beer drinking began and we spent the whole day at their place including dinner. As she is an awesome cook, dinner was pretty fabulous even if it wasn't anything fancy. They were happy with the work done, Corley was happy to play with her 3 friends, and we were happy to hang with good friends for a full day.

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