Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend rewind

Friday was an off day in more ways than one. I managed to chow a full sausage sandwich from the local tap over lunch. My co-workers were at least slightly impressed with my gastro-intestinal prowess. I have been known to put down a sandwich or two in the past though.

The monster sandwich on our Ouchita MTB trip last March:

Food won the round, but I put a hurtin' on it:

Unfortunately, lunch somewhat set the stage for some copious amounts of excessively over sized meals this weekend. We day tripped with the girls to the Henry Doorly zoo in Omaha on Saturday. The trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop by one of our favorite pizza joints in old town- Zio's for some slices:

Thai Chicken, Everything, and NYC 5

With all that eating, it was time to get back to work on some training. An hour spent on the trainer playing with my new Powercal was interesting. The HR strap on my Garmin shot craps, so since I needed to replace it anyway, I figure I might as well upgrade for a few bucks more and see if I can actually get some power data on the cheap. I'm really not too worried about absolute accuracy, but more basic feedback to be able to do training with power versus heart rate alone. The guys at Rasmussen's gave it a big thumbs up, but I want to formulate my own review on it. I'm hoping it works out for me.

I followed up with a pretty productive morning workout hammering a couple more hours of base miles on the trainer while the outside world was coated in a shiny 1/8" of icy death. It looks like its going to clear off pretty quickly though and maybe I'll get a run in tomorrow morning. I'm just starting to get back in the groove of training for the year. 5 active days this week for 7 hours is at least a start. I'm just trying to get a jump on my training over last year which didn't actually start until March 1.

I also added a Strava widget to the blog. I've been using it for about a year now and like the more competitive aspect of comparing ride data directly with friends over just straight number crunching and mileage tracking. There are definitely some people running hard already this year though as I think I lost 4 KOM's in the last 2 weeks. Guess I have some work cut out for me this year.

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Snakebite said...

Nutrition hasn't been my highest priority this winter, either. It is time to make some adjustments.