Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little bit at a time

I'm starting to figure out that I'm delusional. I want to do all of this cool stuff and most often, I fail to even take the first step. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I make the first step seem like its a mountain. Take this blog for instance. I have probably a dozen plus posts/race reports that I could put down in journal form, but I love getting into so much detail with stats, pictures, and play by play that each post takes me an hour or longer to write on average.

I think I'd be much better served if I figure out how to take the big steps and break them down to smaller manageable pieces. So, here's my start to doing that.

For the year, I really don't have any clue what I'm going to actually do for racing. The training is going in fits and starts for the year. I've been lucky in avoiding too much trainer time, but I've been working on freezing my butt on some long outside rides in 0 and even below 0 windchill. I have some races I'd love to hit and lofty aspirations, but realistically, I need to go back and temper my wants to a few key selections and spend more time with what matters most- family.

I'm still racing for and leading the MTB team for Rasmussen Bike Shop. Greg, Sterling, and the guys there have been nothing short of spectacular and I look forward to being part of that family for years and years. I'll most likely still be on my weight weenie race rocket this year- Salsa Selma set up with a rigid Niner fork. Depending on the race, I may well strap a 9 speed cassette on the back and run it as a 1x9 to get the necessary top speed if I hit any expert class XC races this year. Most likely I will still run it as a singlespeed for any marathon class events just because I love the challenge and simplicity of it.

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures and stats up as the year goes on, but small steps.

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