Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ragin weekend

Another great weekend. Life sure seems sweeter once you've gone through the crap! Friday night consisted of beer, racing at night, a bonfire, and good buds. Really, it's hard to beat such a combination. I headed over to Squirrel's place around 5:30 to drop off a birthday 6'er I'd picked up for him and then to tag along on the ride over to set up for Quarter Rage. Fuller showed up a few minutes later along with yet another Steve and we headed off towards Denman's.

We made a quick beer stop at QT since you can never have too much.

Actually we came close to having too much as we had more than we could keep on ice so that necessitated we toss them in our bags and commence to drinking as soon as we hit the firepit. As more people started showing up I took off on some recon as we were riding the trail in reverse. After the lights went out we lined up for our turn through the darkness.

I was off in 3rd position with a few fast riders lined up behind me. With this being my first night time offroad experience, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I will say that a headlamp from Wal Mart and a commuter light really aren't conducive to making good time through pitch black singletrack. At one point, Andy blasted up behind me with his light casting a huge arc of light. My speeds instantly picked up 2-3 mph until he dropped me without so much as saying goodbye. I did make it through and had a fun time. Surprisingly I was only slower by about 4 minutes at night. I felt like I was crawling along most of the time as I easily could outrun the amount of light I had available. Afterwards we kicked it at the firepit for another hour before I headed out. Sounds like partying went on another 2-3 hours after I left.

Saturday I rolled out early in search.need of a haircut. Part of working so much lately meant that I'd put trimming the hair on the backburner by a good 3 weeks or so. I was way overdue! After getting my ears lowered a bit, we all headed over to Grandview College to enjoy some activities and tour the new building they were dedicating. As Miranda and I are both alums and I'd been the project manager for the millwork on the new building, it seemed fitting that we go check things out. Of course it didn't hurt that they had a bounce house and other activities for Corley to enjoy. We were going to hit lunch there, but damn, it was like $8.50 for hot dogs, burgers, and the typical associated fare. Sorry, we'll pass.

I headed off to work for the balance of the afternoon while the girls went back for lunch and nap time. We went to run some errands that night, but found Costco closed by the time we arrived. So, we opted for desert over at the mall and letting Corley run around a bit before we hiked back to the south side.

Sunday morning was absolutely perfect for riding. For those that missed the Sunday trail ride, you guys have no clue what you missed. Lou and I were the only takers and we hit the road around 7. First up was a loop through Denman's where Lou blazed out of site in no time flat. At least this time we had an agreement to meet back up on Hillside. I paced my way through and then we reconnected for some fast spins through Hillside. We took a spin through Rollercoaster where we both flubbed the water crossing and switchback. On the way back out we ran into another pack of guys getting ready to hit Hillside and decided to tag back on with them. Another full loop of those two trails and we decided on a final reverse loop in Denman's to finish out the morning.

Now here's one of the best parts in my mind. Lou being the gracious guy he is, put me out front and let me hit it for all I was worth. Obviously he really didn't have trouble keeping up with me, but knowing he was back there, led me to pushing everything pretty hard. I was running way too hot in a lot of corners, winged a couple trees, and just pushed hard all around. I made it to the final log heading out and managed a perfect over the bars dismount as I once again stuck the chain ring into the side. As I was trying for some comparison times, I mounted straight back up and hit it out to the bridge. In doing so, I apparently missed Lou's repeat of my stunning display of skills albeit he was on the big entrance log versus my piddly one.

The rest of Sunday was spent hanging with my baby girl while Miranda had to work. We headed down to the farm. Corley had fun checking out the various critters and bugs including this fuzzy caterpillar.

We finally headed home just in time for bed and another weekend was down the drain.

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